‘Transgression’ starring Michael Ironside and Maria Grazia Cucinotta is out now!

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Transgression - Maria Grazia

Transgression Movie

Bulldog Films Distribution are happy to announce that you can now rent and download thriller Transgression from iTunes.

Matthew (Michael Ironside – Total Recall, Top Gun) and Elena (Maria Grazia Cucinotta – The Rite, The World Is Not Enough) are about to face the worst night of their lives when four burglars trespass into their home looking for easy money. But things don’t go as planned. Tension and fear take over them all, victims and executioners, and mistrust, betrayals and unexpected lies come to light at the worst possible time.

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Mystery & Suspense

Release Details:

Available Now

Runtime: 105 mins approx
Cert: 15


Maria Grazia Cucinotta
Michael Ironside
Jonathan Keltz
Yon González
Carlos Bardem


Enric Alberich


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