Please please Give Me Pity! Preview Q&As now on sale…

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Coming to select cinemas & on demand from 10 November tickets are now on sale for special previews of GIVE ME PITY! including a special Q&A event with star Sophie von Haselberg at ICA London on Sunday 29 October as part of the new ‘Beyonfd Interpretation’ season!


GIVE ME PITY! is a wild, funny, lurid, entertaining and truly unique musical-comedy-cum-psychedelic-nightmare from cult filmmaker Amanda Kramer (director of Please, Baby, Please and our previous release Ladyworld).

The style of this unique film really needs to be seen to be understood and you can get a taste in the trailer below – though Chris Cassingham, Beyond Interpretation curator, descibes the film as follows:

Amanda Kramer’s latest is a psychedelic, paranoid ode to musical divas of the ’70s and ’80s. In Give Me Pity!, Kramer’s penchant for theatricality and artificiality is the backdrop for the story of Sissy St. Claire, who, in the film, is making her television special debut. As Sissy sings, dances and communes with her adoring audience, we begin to see cracks in the armour of her persona, while a masked figure stalks her from the back of the production’s set, threatening to expose her weaknesses.

Sophie von Haselberg’s performance is deadly serious and deliriously silly. That the film was made in just five days during the pandemic on a small budget is further testament to the ability of today’s filmmakers to create films against stacked odds.



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