Mind-Set: critically-acclaimed British drama out now

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Written & directed by Mikey Murray and starring Eilis Cahill, Steve Oram, Peter Bankolé & Jason Isaacs, the award-winning British comedy drama  MIND-SET is out now.

The film follows Lucy, a disillusioned office clerk who lives in a dysfunctional relationship with her slovenly partner Paul, and is surprised to find herself on the cusp of a none-too-secret affair with her new work colleague, Daniel. The thrill of the chase for a shred of affection takes her mind off her problematic life but she’s not sure that she’ll ever leave Paul, or that sex with someone else is the true answer to her problems.

Here’s some snippets of the great reviews:

“A funny, stroppy, gloomy, punky movie…in granular black-and-white with a little bit of Ben Wheatley in the mix” The Guardian

“Mikey Murray’s monochrome film has oodles of wit and poignant charm” Daily Mail

“A beautifully observed portrait of a couple in crisis” Eye For Film

“A terrific blend of sharp comedy and poignant drama” UK Film Review

“The film’s quirky sense of humour doesn’t distract from its clear-eyed focus on a failing relationship”  The Courier


MIND-SET is out now in select cinemas & on demand – see here

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