Margin Call was released in 2011 with an all-star cast and received critical acclaim, winning several awards including the Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature and Best First Screenplay. In addition, Margin Call was Oscar nominated for Best Original Screenplay.

The film takes place over the twenty four hour period when the most respected investment bank in the world decided to dump its entire mortgage backed securities portfolio in one trading day, thereby starting the downward spiral that will be felt around the world. The film subtly follows the key characters as they become aware of their own involvement in the dismantling of the American Dream.

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Kevin Spacey
Demi Moore
Paul Bettany
Jeremy Irons
Zachary Quinto
Stanley Tucci


J.C. Chandor


J.C. Chandor


Zachary Quinto
Corey Moosa
Joe Jenckes
Neal Dodson