A Kind of Kidnapping

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Multi-award-winning new comedy, A KIND OF KIDNAPPING will be coming to select cinemas from 13th July for a series of special Cast & Crew Q&A screenings, followed by a digital release on 24th July.

Directed by Dan Clark (How Not To Live Your Life) the film showcases an impressive cast of British talent including Patrick Baladi (The Office, Line of Duty), Kelly Wenham (Double Date, Tales from the Lodge), Jack Parry-Jones (The Crown) and Olivia Poulet (The Thick of It).

Winner of multiple awards at the recent Manchester International Film Festival, including Best Actress and Best Screenplay, the film has also started to receive critical acclaim with British Comedy Guide calling it “deliciously outrageous and laugh-out-loud-dark.”


A KIND OF KIDNAPPING is the story of 30-something couple Maggie and Brian, both struggling to get by, they decide to kidnap London politician, Richard Hardy. Sadly no one wants to pay the ransom but just before they let Hardy go he offers them the money himself, as long as they continue to keep him hostage. Why? Well, he’s never had better PR than this and he believes the sympathy vote will help with his campaign to one day become Prime Minister. What follows is a series of lies, double-crossing and even murder, in this taught, darkly comic thriller.


Check out the trailer:

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